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Properly built log homes are extremely energy efficient, even though “R Factor” ratings may not indicate so.

High and Dry

Properly built log homes are extremely energy efficient, although a strict application of “R” factor would make one think otherwise. “R” factor determination is a lab test which does not take into consideration real world factors that can dramatically alter thermal performance. “R” factor was derived by the fiberglass insulation industry to tout their products. You wouldn’t expect them to devise a test to make other products to look better than theirs, would you?

Energy Efficiency

Text book “R” factor rating gives wood only about 1.25 “R’s” per inch of thickness, but actual comparisons of walls has shown a 5 ½”- 6″ thick log wall to be at least equivalent to R-19 conventional construction. Satterwhite’s dry log walls with good quality windows, coupled with spray foam insulation in the roof system can assure you a very well-insulated, energy efficient home for decades to come!

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