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Building a log home is usually easier and faster than constructing a conventional home, but it is different. Satterwhite Log Homes offers a constructed shell option in most southern states. A constructed shell built by a Satterwhite crew offers you both the convenience and the security of using professional crews, who have experience erecting a log shell from the foundation up.

Constructed Shell Components
* Labor – Our experienced crews construct your dried-in shell
* Foundation with (some restrictions)
* Roughed-in plumbing (some restrictions)
* Log walls
*Roughed-in Electrical (in log walls only)
* First floor framing and sub-flooring (only for
wood foundations)
* Interior partition wall framing
* Roof framing system
*Decking and synthetic felt paper underlayment
* Shingles (Fiberglass base, composition), no labor
* Gable framing and siding
* Attic ventilation (if required)
* Windows and exterior doors
* Exterior window and door trim
* Exterior trim
* Porches, carports and garages (if shown on plan)
* Stairway framing (if two-story)
* Second floor framing (if two-story)
* Second floor subflooring (if two-story)

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